3 MAC & 2 Linux Space pilots needed for FREE test flights!

The PC version of our game is getting where we need it to be at this early alpha stage. We are now looking forward and looking for 3 mac testers and 2 linux testers who have VR (oculus Dk2 or OSVR) who will become part of the team and help bring these native formats to all reaches of compter compatibility.

The entire human race may be at stake so we need budding pilots who will spare a few hours flight time each month to help bring our awesome VR game to the Non-PC crowds.If you are interetsed in t6est fligts for MAC and Linux then pleae get in touch, we are a tiny indie company but we can offer grattitude from all those fellow Non-PC pilots who you will help into the their cockpits.

We will not only give you the full game for free we aslo have some other incentives for you! Get in touch and prepae for the Indie Flight of your life!

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