The Music behind CDF Starfighter

Concerning the music of CDF Starfighter. As being primarily a house music producer, for this project I really wanted to dive into the things that inspired me to produce music to begin with. When I was in high school I was really into a program called Hearts of Space. It was all spacey and New Age stuff. Turning the lights out and getting lost in the textures really put me in a certain relaxed head space. Also I was a huge fan of the Quake soundtrack by Trent Reznor. I remember putting the soundtrack on at night and falling asleep to it. Quake was one of those soundtracks that I loved listening to even outside of the game. These were the two main inspirations for the CDF Starfighter soundtrack. I didn't want to do the standard military sound that you hear in most shooters.

The VR technology allows us to create some incredible immersion. So taking the setting into ​ Starfighter 13.wav ​ consideration I thought that emotional textures layered with a rhythm element would fit really nicely. Hopefully I have managed to create a soundtrack that you can put on at night after a long day and lose yourself in a soundscape like I used to do.

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