EXPLORE THE CDF UNIVERSE in virtual reality


VR space combat simulator

Formats : PC, - VR - Oculus, WMR, SteamVR, HTC-Vive, OSVR


Designed For VR :

Designed for Virtual Reality from the ground up with a pick up and play control system using a game-pad.

Non-Linear Campaign  :

Campaign mode offers a story driven campaign which will vary and have different endings based upon how you play.

6 unique playable ships :

Fly some of the most advanced ships in the CDF Fleet.  Each ship is role specific and suited towards certain missions.

4 Single Player Game Modes :

4 different game modes offer challenges, simulations, a campaign and a scramble mode for random instant action. A free flight mode has been added with no enemeis.

Player Stats & achievements :

PC and console versions will have pilot stats as well as achievements and trading cards.

Fuel & ammo management :

Fuel and ammo are valuable commodity in war!  You can refuel, repair and re-arm during some missions.

Single Player  :

A huge emphasis on single player content and community driven multiplayer development may be a possibility late in 2017.

Game Overview


CDF Starfighter is a 90s styled space combat simulator which is inspired by Freespace, Star wars, Wing Commander and various sci-fi tv series such as Babylon 5, BSG, and Space : Above and Beyond. With a lot of games being dynamically generated, open world, multiplayer and stats based, CDF Starfighter offers a more scripted and controlled space combat sim with a huge focus on single player and a story-driven non-linear campaign mode









The entire game is played out in first person from the briefings to the missions themselves.  The game offers instant action and various simulations and challenges as well as the non-linear campaign mode.  The game is designed for next gen technology and designed in every way for VR comfort, gameplay and fun.  


Explore locations in the CDF Universe in free flight mode with no enemies or objectives.  

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CDF Scout

  • Fastest CDF fighter

  • Biggest radar range

  • Lock on missiles

CDF Starfighter Type-Y

  • Most Agile CDF fighter

  • Phased Ion-Cannons

  • Excels at fighter to fighter combat

CDF Combat Fighter

  • Light Armour Plating

  • Phased Ion-Cannons

  • Lock on missiles

CDF Heavy Starfighter

  • Multi-role fighter

  • Multiple Weapon systems

  • Long Range

CDF Light Gunship

  • Light Armour Plating

  • Lock On Missiles

  • Quad Plasma Cannon

CDF Heavy Gunship

  • Heavy Armour Plating

  • Anti-Capital Ship Lock on missiles

  • Multiple weapon systems

  • Highly detailed ships and environments, some ships even have people on the bridge or in turrets.


  • Fight various types of enemies such as Pirates, Aliens and even your own CDF forces.


  • Lots of simulations and a flight school to learn and master all of the CDF ships.


  • Scramble mode offers a random instant action mission in a random ship vs a random enemy.


  • Most missions involve take off and docking with your command ship and require you make it back to base in order to complete missions.


  • Unique CTA (Combat Targeting Aid) screen for clearer and more precise aiming.


  • Designed to scale so as a VR pilot you will get a full grasp of how vast the CDF Univervse and ships really are.


  • Designed for positional tracking so you can feel more like a pilot inside your cockpit and look closer at the HUD and instuments.


  • Pick up and play control system to enable anyone to easily and quickly get used to flying and space combat.


  • The heavy starfighter is a multi-role fighter and has a stealth mode which will make your ship invisible to enemy radar.


  • Lock on missiles can be effective if the enemy does not outrun them or shoot them down.


  • Enemies can work togther, if you are tailing an enemy it makes you an easier target for other enemies to take you out.


  • Asteroid fields can be deadly and unpredictable, always be cautious when navigating an active asteroid field.