CDF Starfighter VR Remastered Released on steam!

It is here! After 2 years work on the remastered version, and some extensive testing and further tweaking thanks to a few starfighters who have played and given feedback on the beta opt in and who have helped shaped the new game over the last few months. A HUGE THANKS TO YOU GUYS! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!


  • Huge Performance Increase!

  • Control Issues fixed Up!

  • Crashes fixed up!

  • All new cockpits!

  • Improved User Interface and Menu system!

  • Shaking problems Fixed up!

  • Game install size halved!

  • Much quicker loading times!

  • Huge graphics and overall performance overhaul!

  • Improved sound and attenuation!

  • New content and features!

  • Improved AI and flight mechanics!

  • ZERO-G-NAVIGATION/ORIENTATION - real time heads Up display elements!

  • Improved Visual Effects and special; effects!

  • Fixed up numerous bugs and space anomalies!

  • Added new support for more VR headsets and motion controllers!

  • All HOTAS are now be compatible!

What has changed since the original release version in 2017 (version 1.06)?

MASSIVE engine change/Upgrade and fix ups

The original game was fist developed in 4.2 and went to 4.12 (unreal engine version) in 2017 after Early Access. The remastered version has taken the game from unreal 4.12 to 4.23 which is one of the most recent engine versions at the timing of the remastered release. Using one of the latest version has many benefits including future support and a much better overall VR experience.

Now supports Windows mixed reality headsets and motion controllers!

The original game had many limitations to hardware and controls. The remastered version now supports more VR headsets and now supports motion controllers. When the game was originally designed motion controllers where not available and standard. All hotas should now be easy to set up and all game pads are now supported and can be configured to how you want to play.

Optimisations and Better performance

A lot of work has been done to optimise a lot of the game. The original game was over 24gb while the remastered version is just 12gb. Loading times are now much quicker and the game now runs much better than the original game. The game now supports other features such as vulkan and also uses some more vr optimisation features.

Improved HUD elements and cockpit displays

All 6 player ships now have all new revamped cockpits. The new cockpit look and feel much better and have some new features. There is now a real time orientation and position display along with other features and improvements to all 6 unique ships. The UI has also had a make over to make it clearer and better suited for the game.

Major Bugs and Issues from the original have been fixed up

A lot of the bugs and problems encountered my most have now been fixed up to make it a much more fun and enjoyable experience. The crashes have gone allowing you to play the campaign or other modes without constant crashes and hang ups. The shaking problem has been addressed and now plays much smoother which makes it a much more enjoyable experience. Controls issues have been fixed up and with the inclusion of motion controller support the game is now much easier to play for everyone. Menu`s have been improved and make aspects of the game much more accessible. Lots of other bugs and issues have been fixed up and improved on.

Game play improvements and AI Balancing

Work has been done to balance out the AI even more and make the player feel like the hero. As well as improving on ship models etc we have made launching and landing much easier. Rather than the old long launch tube which some found tricky to navigate, we have redesigned the launch location and made it a much quicker and easier procedure. We have introduced some other factors to make the campaign much easier and added more content into free flight mode which now offers a huge amount of gameplay for VR explorers.

I would like to thank all you guys who have supported me and CDF Starfighter VR over the years, the remastered version of the game is free for all steam owners. You just need to do an update and play the remastered version problem free. If you guys do encounter any bugs or have any suggestions then please feel free to report them on the bug testing forum so we can get these addressed in a future update. Thanks again everyone, enjoy the remastered version of the game and look out for the "Rise of the Drii" campaign dlc this fall!

Don`t forget you can join us on Discord]discord - for the latest dev news, beta testing and more. Our web site has been updated - be sure to check it out for more info and links.

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